H e l l o t h e r e !

X H A R P I S M 


Just someone who purely likes and enjoys taking pictures and maybe hoping to inspire or influence you in some way.. 

Xharpism pronounced as SHärp,izem is derived from my name Sharmaine "SHär" and the "P" comes from my last name Parrenas, and "ism" by definition can mean an artistic movement. Doing photography in everyday life, I aspire to bring people together through either the aspect of Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, and eventually Travel. 



This platform is a home for my visual creations and curations along with many different aspects of my life. 

For Street, Eats, & Culture adventure and discovery follow me along @Streatsnculture on Instagram.

For Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle follow along @Xharpism on Instagram.

Enjoy reading & scrolling through the visuals! :) 







Please check the VISUALS category on the navigation above for my photography work and if you would like to get your portraits/events photographed by me or for collaboration please check the CONTACT category above or you can email me at Sharmaine@xharpism.com. Thank you for stopping by! :) 

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